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Always Wanting for More

Why is it we’re never satisfied? We’re always wanting and waiting nervously for the next phase? I see the good and bad in this. The good is we’re always on the up and up. Looking for bigger and better accomplishments to take our life to the next page, this is the same thing as never looking at a new obstacle with fear and worry in our heart. These types of people will always progress in life. On the flip side, there are also people in the world who are way too content with being stagnant in their life and never wanting more for fear of rejection or failure.

Too much of wanting is a bad thing, but not wanting at all is just as bad. We are supposed to simply LIVE LIFE and not constantly be in a rush to open the next door. If we’re always on the go we will miss some of the most important aspects to our life. God places so many blessings in our life on a daily basis. He can’t also lead a camel to water, it’s up to us to find these beautiful moments and thank him for it. We ha…

Picture This

Picture the worst possible event or chain of events happening to you in your life, the lowest moment ever, where surprisingly enough you are still left breathing. At this moment, do you still go on? With the tiniest fragment of life gripping your soul what matters most at this time? What do you cling to for support? How do you go on? I fear the moment when my faith is tested the most; when God doesn’t answer me, and forced to figure it out on my own.

Again, what matters most during the weakest moment ever imaginable? As I ponder my weakness I feel the need to share with you this… The only things that can help us go on are faith, and love from family and friends. This is what we must strengthen now- on our good days, during our good walks and while the sun is still shining. There will be tough roads ahead of us and the nice cars, jewelry, fancy clothes and vacations will no longer hold meaning. In a low moment, during a test of life, when there is still a little life yet, th…

Which Direction Will You Take?

I still have love for him. Even after all he’s done to me, his family, his friends and most importantly himself. The choices you make every single day affect you and those who love you. Each little decisoin can have a huge effect. It’s as simple as getting behind the wheel drunk, selling that tiny bag of drugs, and/ or stealing that small piece of merchandise. These all have lasting affects. Yes, they can humble you but why risk it all to teach such a drastic lesson? Why does it mean your loved ones have to suffer because of it? I feel so blessed to have lived a life on the right and wrong side of the tracks. I chose to go on the dark side. I was only thinking about myself and never in a million years did I realize it could have affected anyone else. I am so happy I have learned and come out of those terrible years, in making all those terrible decisions, but it’s sad when I see other people making the wrong choices. The second you realize there’s no turning back, you realiz…

I love Being a Woman

For such a long time I thought I was crazy because of my mood swings, emotional roller coaster rides and not being able to simply answer, “What it is I really want?!” Today I laughed at myself and just said, “I love being me, I love being a woman”. Instead of viewing these issues as negatives, these are truly life’s treasures wrapped up in each beautiful woman you see. This is the beauty in us and what makes us so irresistible. It’s up to us ladies to give a little samples of the uneasiness and not to overdo it because then YES I have to agree with the men, this can be annoying and very unattractive.

Here’s what happened to me today. Out of nowhere I felt a little emotional. Not emotional to where I was depressed and no there’s nothing in my life to be sad about. Yes, I want to cry, but no, not a cry my eyes out cry, but just a simple tear down the cheek listening to a touching song, watching an emotional movie cry. I just feel it in my body! I kind of chuckled at the thoug…

Here is My Testimony

Last night I was lying in bed and out of nowhere I realized I did not share my testimony. It brings me great pleasure to show you how far I’ve come in just a matter of weeks. If you scroll down on this blog page you will see a very personal and intimate blog titled, “I am Allowing Myself to Stand in the Way of Greatness”. I truly believe God was speaking to me during this time. He was heavily applying the pressures of life. He was telling me to get my life together because he was about to shake it up in ways I can barely imagine. He knew I could only handle what he was going to bless me with if I did what he asked me to do. The problem is, what he was asking me to do is the one thing I have been running away from for years.

When you think about it, this is what we all face day in and day out. We are all called to do things we don’t want to do and things we have no idea how to do, but the simple fact is when he calls JUST DO. I’m happy to say that’s exactly what I did. I ans…

Do Pictures Capture or…. Ruin?

Its funny, when it’s time to go out or go on vacation the most important items tend to be lip gloss and “Do you have the camera?” I stuff my camera in all my clutches and opt to take the car key off the key chain just for everything to fit properly. I really believe this picture taking phenomenon is ruining the beauty in ‘The Moment’. It’s always, “Come on take this picture here, take this picture there, group shots, crazy poses (my favs)” once we spend half the night taking pictures, what did we really do- NOTHING. We got all dressed up to just take pictures. Sometimes we re-enact events just to take pictures of them. This is what I call ‘faking the picture’. Why can’t we wait for things to happen naturally and then if we’re skilled enough we will try our best to capture the real moment. This is what a picture should truly depict. Back in the day we captured moments, now we create the moment for the picture. What’s up with that people?

Launching “Just Jacinda” weekdays 1-3pm on WGIV 103.3FM

I have been offered my own radio show on Charlotte’s Soul station WGIV 103.3FM. The back drop on 103.3FM is, it’s one of the oldest historical stations in the country. 103.3FM began its revamping process only a few months ago from gospel to ‘Old School Hip Hop and R&B’. I feel blessed to be a part of the beginning stages. In a couple years I truly believe 103.3FM will be a heavy hitter in the charlotte market. As we learned recently, there is a large minority voice in the city and when passionate, this voice can and will be heard… loudly. SPEAK UP CHARLOTTE!!

The introduction of “Just Jacinda” is quite simple. It’s little ol’ me stepping out on my own for the first time in 3 years. I’m extremely nervous and excited at the same time. I would love for it to be a talk show format, but when starting out music has to be the winning aspect. I will play old school, relaxing jams and interject maybe 3 times an hour with short, creative conversation. As the station grows, I will…

Can You See Love?

I remember the moment I fell in love with my ex-boyfriend (funny I have to put the ‘ex’ in there). I was at his house, we were shooting pool and laughing hysterically all night. I remember sitting on his lap and out of nowhere it just hit me like a ton of bricks- Jacinda fell in love at that very moment. That day plays over and over in my mind so much that I can almost feel the rush of emotions right now. Do you remember the moment you fell in love? Is it possible to remember the single moment you fell in love?

So this takes me to my next question, can there be this same type of so-called, ‘defining moment’ for if you fall out of love? I ask because this same man I’m referencing I spoke with over the weekend, and after years and years of proving my loyalty to him he still finds it within himself to question my actions and motives concerning other men. Well guess what? To his shock and amazement that phone call did something to me. By the time I hung up I felt complete and utter... EM…

I Am Allowing MYSELF to Stand in the Way of Greatness

This is how I feel at this very moment. I am my own enemy. There’s no one to blame, no one to hate just an overwhelming sensation of anger and sadness towards myself. How can I know the right and wrong things I am doing and consistently allow myself to do the wrong? This sickens me at the thought and I’m starting to really go crazy about it. I have received a sign from God saying,
"Jacinda I have some amazingly powerful things in store for you which will allow your passion and talents to soar, but if you do not cut out all the junk in your life you will only make it harder on yourself and ultimately fail at what I have planned for you." You would think it’s so easy to just say,
"Okay Lord, I’m going to stop everything right now because what I want out of life is way more profound then the negatives which shoot me down." Yet, as hard as I try, I continue to do what’s wrong day in and day out. I watch myself doing it as if I’m on the outside looking in. My …

To Eat Healthy or To Save Money?

Why is everything so difficult these days? We all need to be more health conscious, but all our quick fix choices are unhealthy substitutes. The other day I found myself in traffic and hungrier than ever. Home-girl is on a budget so it wasn’t like I could stroll over to Jason’s Deli for a hearty snack. My options were… well, you know what my options were because this is the same thing you face daily. This dilemma down right sucks!

I started to get the best of myself when my thought process centered around how these unhealthy, cheap, food stops were conveniently placed on every corner for a reason. Why isn’t there a drive through subway? Why can’t our healthy options be cheaper? We all know the troubling weight concerns our country already faces, so why are we doing something more about it? I want the same amount of healthy food selections as I do the unhealthy ones and since I’m on my high horse I don’t want the healthy food places to break my pockets like they do now. Tak…

Make the Choice to BE HAPPY!!

This is easier said than done, but when you sit down and think about making this choice it’s really quite simple. When life hits you with its best swings we should make the choice to smile and overcome. It’s fair to say we all know trials and tribulation await our every move, so why not walk into the storm with a positive outlook? I’m no saint at smiling in the face of danger. I was literally challenged Monday. No matter how hard I tried to remain positive nothing was working. I was watching myself be defeated by the enemy of negative thinking. I was heading down stream and focusing solely on the negative circumstances in my life. Since then, I have managed to pull myself out of the rut THANKFULLY, but I was seriously tested.

I personally think it’s okay to take a loss at times. Take a minute of one-on-one time or take a day or even a week. Just remember the sun will shine again because you want it too! I told myself Monday during the midst of the storm,
“Hey J, if you wa…

I am Going to Haiti

I have decided to go on my first mission trip to Haiti. At first I was like,
What the heck did I get myself into. I have no income as it is and now I’m going to add on another stress of having to come up with $1,100.00. The worries do not stop there, I’m also apprehensive about leaving the US for an entire week and possibly missing out on major career opportunities.
If you can’t make ends meet as it is how in the world do you think you can go to Haiti? With these types of thoughts circulating in my mind, I found myself getting extremely overwhelmed.

One of the requirements to go on this mission trip is to take a Life Enrichment class at my church Nationsford. I attended the first class last night. Guess what? I have absolutely nothing to worry about. I was reassured that once you make the CHOICE to do God’s work he will see you through. In life there are many obstacles we face with a realistic approach, but God’s word is firm on stating the Holy Spirit will carry you ALW…

I Vow to Stop Drinking and Driving!!!

I recently made a pact with myself to stop drinking and driving. I am the stupid idiot who feels she is perfectly fine at 3am to drive herself home. I made sure to title this blog as such because I want people to know how dumb, stupid, insane, ruthless and horrible I have been. I didn’t want to say, "I Don’t Drink and Drive or I Will Never Drink and Drive". No, I want you to know the cold hard truth because I have a feeling you may or may not be in my same boat. Am I right? WE COLLECTIVELY NEED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS TODAY!!!!!

Here’s my issue, I’m a smart girl and I know drinking and getting behind the wheel is a gamble. The only problem is when I’ve been drinking I no longer remain this smart, sensible girl. The voice in my head actually speaks the opposite of reality. I usually feel I’m a little tipsy but well enough to drive my drunk butt home, which is completely false.

My realization came the other night when I was videotaping a friend proposing to his girlfriend on st…

Do I Have Too???

When someone calls you on your cell do you always have to answer? When someone asks you to do something does this mean you always have to say yes?? I don’t want to be rude in these situations but the cell phone is mine. When I’m staring at the caller I.D., I feel like the person on the other end of the phone is demanding I answer it. Again, this is my phone so doesn’t that mean a simple excuse like, I don’t feel like answering the phone should suffice? Then the other side of me says,why don’t I just answer the phone a verbalize that I will call them back later. Are we giving too much control to other people and things?? I just want to live my life and not feel bad about not answering the phone or telling a friend NO for once.

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Do you still get Best Dressed Award if someone else Dressed you???

I remember attending a party during CIAA and everywhere we went people were giving props to my clothing attire. I kept laughing because my BFF dressed me that night!

So now I must dissect this question a little further because this is the second time it’s happened within a few months. Last Wednesday was the Sex and the City 2 Premiere and my beautiful and talented stylist Londyn Pe dressed my butt. Logging onto FB today, I learned that I received a nod from CLT Blog as Best Dressed for the evening!!!! WooHoo, huge accomplishment, but one problem I didn’t dress myself lol!

SUPER THANKS to Londyn. She in the genius behind the scenes and THANK YOU LOTUS for the beautiful dress and fabulous jewelry!!!!

CLT Blog for Best Dressed

Fox Charlotte- Rising TV Appearance

1247 East Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28203
Neighborhood: Dilworth

The Overwhelming Sensation

I am so excited to share the news with you!!! I am going to audition for Oprah!!! Yes, it’s true. I know some of you will be like, “Good luck, but there’s no way in the world you’re going to get it”. As much as I love your realism in that statement, here’s what I have to say, “I will make it and I will go all the way to the top”. I feel extremely blessed in my life and if this is God’s plan it will happen. He pointed me in this direction so that means something right?

I have everything Oprah’s looking for talent, humor, personality and a vision. My vision is to bring unity to women. There’s this thing called a man code but what the heck, where is our code of ethics? I feel if we (ladies) united more, we would find much more success than if we continue to size each other up the second a woman does something we do not understand. I’m the first to admit for the longest I played around with saying,” I don’t like women or all my friends are guys, etc”. Now I see what I’ve been mi…

Are You Hiding from the Truth???

Is there something you consistently do, but absolutely hate yourself for doing it?? I answer this question with a capital Yes! There are things in my life I want to change for the better, but there is this one thing in particular I downright do not like. I wish I could stop it on my own, but after all these years I’m starting to feel that maybe I have a little bit of a problem.

 Here’s the hardest thing, I see everyone else doing it so I sometimes sike myself into believing it’s okay. At the same time, I’m always keen on the vulnerability of having to look myself in the mirror. During these one-on-one’s there’s absolutely no room for excuses, just the hard, cold truth. I’ve been kidding myself for many years but seriously, I need to make a change.

-Is there something you do that you hate? If there is, tell me more about it. I would love to hear your struggles as well.

-Can you guess what my struggle is? LOL!!!

What to wear? What to wear?

This is what runs through a girl’s mind the second it’s time to get dressed for ANYTHING. It’s funny, we continuously mix and match different tops, skirts, and jeans but by the time we end up walking to the car we’re wearing something completely different anyways lol. I must say, I’m excited to see how the sexy ladies of the Queen City decide to step out Wednesday night as we all rush to the premiere of Sex and the City 2…. And can I say for the record, every time I watch the preview I get a tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach… Is Carrie going to ruin what she worked so hard for and run to Aidan or will Mr. Big triumphantly win again? All I know for sure is I’m bringing my tissues because the last movie had my eye liner running a track race down my face.

I would also like to share a secret with you. Are you ready??? All the ladies attending Wednesday evening will also have the chance to be in a crowd shot for OPRAH. Yep, I said it, “Oprah”. I am auditioning for the Oprah …

One of Life's Unanswered Questions

What do YOU do when a loved one is out of reach?? By out of reach I mean literally out of reach and/or figuratively. Each of us deal with separation from loved ones. What is the best way to allow for life to go on? Whether it’s a military separation, prison sentence, hospital diagnosis or your loved one has detached emotionally from the relationship, what are we supposed to do next? I am having a problem with this. Part of me feels I can’t go on with my life because it’s not fair to HIM. The other part of my soul is saying I need to respectfully move on. It’s sad, it’s hard and it just downright sucks!!! What's a girl to do??

To Settle… Or Not to Settle?

I’m surrounded by love, but feel loneliness. Is it because I push everyone away who wants to love me? He’s waiting on me to give the cue, but I can’t give it. I’m not ready! Now, I say I’m not ready, but really I am. Is it that I’m just not ready for what he has to offer, or is it that I’m continuously waiting on a fairy tale story to sweep me away? I'm talking Mr. Sexy Knight in Shining Armor! I don’t believe in settling by no means, so what the heck is it? I have loved and I have lost.

 Today, I want nothing more than to love and lose again. For some reason, my intellectual-emotions (funny, those two words make absolutely no sense together) will not allow me to falter into wrongful decisions. I believe in loving and losing because this is all a part of growth, but why for some reason am I hiding behind my own brick wall? This wall which happens to be so strong and tall I can’t even knock it down if I wanted too. Please, I pray to you, get me out of here.

God's Speaking to Me

I’ve been praying for guidance and the confidence to move forward with my own business but I can’t help and notice the overwhelming sensation of doubt that fills my body time and time again. The questions surface, can I do it? Do I have enough money? What happens if I fail? I have realized that this is a part of reality. The natural feelings of confusion can truly over power your confidence. How do we control those emotions?

I met Kenston Griffin a motivational speaker and had the opportunity to hear his story on Envision Life Talk show with Dr. Davis and Cherise. I must say I was empowered and inspired. I felt the lord in an obvious fashion, was speaking directly to me. It was like no one else was there. God was reminding me to take each day one-by-one and work extremely hard. Do not reference the options of failure. Only think about the positive progression you make each day. There will be obstacles and there will be times of doubt, BUT GOD is there and with Faith we can do anythin…

What is SUCCESS to you?

Success for the average person is defined as wealth. Wealth as in money, cars, elaborate homes, clothes, jewelry and fancy vacations. I have a couple of examples to support this claim, all the Real House Wives series and Basketball Wives BAM! Is this how you view success? It’s okay if you do. No shame in your game, but I view success differently. Success (to me) equals pure HAPPINESS!

If I can comfortably pay my own bills, I’m okay. Life should never be about how much money I make. Life is about the relationships and love you encounter during the journey. I’m currently reading, “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren and I want to leave you with this quote, “The best use of life is love. The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now”. I couldn’t agree with this quote more. I am unemployed, living in an apartment, leasing my car and guess what? I am successful. I couldn’t be in love with life more…

Birthday Paw-Ty for My Doggies

Yesterday was amazing! I must share with you the two loves of my life; Lil Reeses and Twix. Yes, I'm a candy junkie lol. They're my love bug babies. Their birthdays are around this time of year, but I decided to make their birthday 'officially' on Cinco De Mayo. Why not? The day of great margaritas, chips and salsa. Thanks to my friends for paw-tying (Thanks Brittney Cason for the paw-ty idea). Thanks to the Dog Bar in NoDa for the wonderful experience.

There is Unfinished Business I need to Handle...

Heal the hurt

When you blame others for your troubles, you give them control of your life. Free yourself from your own anger, from your own resentment, and you'll find vastly more room for serenity and abundance.

It's bad enough if someone has wronged you in the past. Is it of any value for you to continue suffering from it?

Your best strategy is not to prolong the pain, or expand upon it. Your best strategy is to get past it as quickly as possible.

Whether or not anyone deserves your forgiveness is not the point. The point is, you deserve to forgive, to take back control of your life, so that you can live abundantly.

Your forgiveness may not even make a difference to those you forgive, if they're even aware of it. For you, it makes all the difference in the world.

When it is you who is feeling the hurt, it is also you who can heal the hurt. Heal the hurt, and move past the pain, with FORGIVENESS.

Today is Only the Beginning

I have recently been blessed with the greatest platform known to man, "Working in the Radio Industry". I thought it would be a wonderful avenue to communicate things people need to hear. Yes, this is just a job, but if executed correctly, it's also a way to spread positivity. I was in for quite a shock, this platform I'm referencing is actually lined with many rules. I was required to play a certain type of woman and that's where I was forced to look at myself in the mirror. I grew tired of talking about useless things like sex and gossip every single day. I feel as a young lady we should discuss topics that will make YOU have a better day and give you the drive and determination you need to succeed? I know the lord placed me in that particular 'hot' seat for a reason, but I did not know how cut-throat the industry would be until it happened to me... Judgement day, the day of termination. I guess trying to represent women in a respectable manne…