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Welcome to Marriage

I guess when I said, "Yes."  I could only imagine how beautiful, fun, and magical our lives would be after we walked down the aisle.  Everyday I begin to understand more and more what it means when married people say the infamous line, "It takes work."  I mean, what the heck does that really mean?  Going to work takes work.  Pushing myself to eat healthy and go to the gym takes a lot of work.  Being nice to someone when all I want to do is curse them out takes work.  How hard can it be?

I constantly find myself saying these same three little words, "It's not fair."  Maybe I wanted to go on an afternoon hike but Ty has to go pick up the kids to cut their hair.  Or maybe I planned this great weekend for all of us but unfortunately, attitudes came face-to-face with teenage hormones and boom laughter turned into silence and an unplugged family.  No literally, no technology allowed after all that.  In my short time of marriage, I learned that it's no l…

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