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Today is Only the Beginning

I have recently been blessed with the greatest platform known to man, "Working in the Radio Industry". I thought it would be a wonderful avenue to communicate things people need to hear. Yes, this is just a job, but if executed correctly, it's also a way to spread positivity. I was in for quite a shock, this platform I'm referencing is actually lined with many rules. I was required to play a certain type of woman and that's where I was forced to look at myself in the mirror. I grew tired of talking about useless things like sex and gossip every single day. I feel as a young lady we should discuss topics that will make YOU have a better day and give you the drive and determination you need to succeed? I know the lord placed me in that particular 'hot' seat for a reason, but I did not know how cut-throat the industry would be until it happened to me... Judgement day, the day of termination. I guess trying to represent women in a respectable manne…