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I Am Allowing MYSELF to Stand in the Way of Greatness

This is how I feel at this very moment. I am my own enemy. There’s no one to blame, no one to hate just an overwhelming sensation of anger and sadness towards myself. How can I know the right and wrong things I am doing and consistently allow myself to do the wrong? This sickens me at the thought and I’m starting to really go crazy about it. I have received a sign from God saying,
"Jacinda I have some amazingly powerful things in store for you which will allow your passion and talents to soar, but if you do not cut out all the junk in your life you will only make it harder on yourself and ultimately fail at what I have planned for you." You would think it’s so easy to just say,
"Okay Lord, I’m going to stop everything right now because what I want out of life is way more profound then the negatives which shoot me down." Yet, as hard as I try, I continue to do what’s wrong day in and day out. I watch myself doing it as if I’m on the outside looking in. My …