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For A Woman

For the Women's Empowerment weekend at Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Hickory NC, all the women in the congregation wore white with pink and black accents.  We were pinned with pretty pink roses and pearls, absolute beauty flooded the sanctuary.  
I wrote a poem for the occasion.  God gave the words instantaneously.  They flooded my notepad so fast it was hard to keep up.  During service, I asked all the women to stand and to take in every word.  I wanted each woman to receive these words as their own.  
After service ended I had one woman walk up and ask for a copy of the poem.  She said she needs to be reminded that she is loved everyday.  WOW! Look at God.  Answer His calling.  You never know when and how your work will be a Blessing to someone else.  

A Woman
You are strong Bold Lovely A flower born from a seed You grew through grace You stand in elegance Exude beauty

Sometimes you cry You shout, You feel hurt You wild out You wear all hats At times you don't k…