I Need Good Lovin

Everyone needs love.  However, I constantly meet new, amazing people who are all in need of love & expecting to find it in a lover! Please don't hate me for what I'm about to say, but my heart is screaming--  You must love yourself first, no one can do it for you.

Oh my goodness, it kills me to see a young, vibrant woman jump out of a relationship immediately run straight into another one.  It saddens me to hear someone cry about wanting & needing love but not willing to do the work themselves.  The best and most concrete form of love is to first love yourself.  There is no man or women in the world that can love you better.  We need to stop hoping & praying that this new person who is going to love the socks off of your feet will be able to give the kind of love you need for all time.  This is one main reason relationships do not last. We are putting too much weight on our lovers to make us happy.  You must have your own peace and walk in your own joy. Your lover…

How to Grow Closer to God

One of the biggest questions I receive all the time is, "How can I strengthen my faith?"  It makes me chuckle because I did not grow up in the church and I too, remember years ago looking at others wondering how they know so much scripture and wanting to pray like them.

If these are thoughts you have, one of the most beautiful aspects about where you are is that you're actually wanting more.  That alone is enough for me to start dancing and screaming about how great God is!!!!!  Now, the true answer to this question with regards to growth in any area in life simply comes down to taking baby steps.  You cannot try to read the entire Bible and BOOM now you're a Preacher.  No, the scripture is not read, it's lived.

I've learned that my daily walk with Christ can be broken down into four steps:


When you love someone you want to be with them.  Spending intentional time with Jesus is key to growing with Him.  In the early s…

A Best Seller in 21 Minutes

Who knew that a jobless girl in 2014 would one day actually publish her first a book and become a Best-Seller.  When I left my full-time job to pursue my "calling," I had no idea I would actually find it.  I was scared, broke and curious all at the same time.  The only thing that was for certain in my life was that I wanted more and was not going to quit until I found it.

If you feel stuck and are craving new inspiration in your life, first purchase my book, "Uniquely Qualified."  This three year journey truly lays out the steps to understanding how qualified you already are.  For the time being, here are some points to consider as you take your leap of faith.

1. It Starts with You- You don't necessary have to leave your job or the relationship you're in right now.  I'm saying you need to quit your job to pursue your passion.  When you read Uniquely Qualified you will see that I strategically stayed in my current situations until I received the word to…

Allow the Process of Brokenness

I didn't start writing my first book because I wanted to stay up late writing, while everyone was sleeping. I didn't write because I wanted to pay thousands of dollars of my own money before I ever sold one book.  I didn't write to become famous or simply wear the title of author. I decided to write "Uniquely Qualified" because I was broken.

There is a rejuvenation that happens when you are in a broken state.  It doesn't feel good. It actually hurts like hell.  You hate yourself, your life and everyone in it.... well that's how I felt.   However, if you look back at the worst moment in your life it probably birthed something so wonderful in you, right?

Many times we must be broken down for the rebuilding to take place.  We constantly pray to steer free from these storms of life but its in these moments that greatness is formed.  Allow the process of brokenness.  In the storm you will grow closer to God, your strength will be tested, a new journey is launc…

I Am Uniquely Qualified

I always knew deep down inside that I wanted to write a book.  However, the infamous question kept popping up in my mind, "What are you going to write about J?"  It all came to me a a few years later when I was in the storm of my life.  I was lost and left hopeless.  I felt stuck, alone and wanted to give up.

Have you ever felt that there was so much more inside of you than what you're producing daily?  Are you hungry for more?  That was me. I knew there had to be more out of life.  I didn't want to just live, I wanted to thrive. I was destined to figure it out even if it cost me everything.  The last day of my job was the day I started writing my first book, "Uniquely Qualified."

In the book, I share the journey of ups and downs because it's not easy.  However, it's well worth every hurdle in my opinion.

Today I wake up everyday with joy on my heart.  I set the alarm clock for 7:30am, sometimes 8:30am, what the heck some times I just wake up when I…

Welcome to Marriage

I guess when I said, "Yes."  I could only imagine how beautiful, fun, and magical our lives would be after we walked down the aisle.  Everyday I begin to understand more and more what it means when married people say the infamous line, "It takes work."  I mean, what the heck does that really mean?  Going to work takes work.  Pushing myself to eat healthy and go to the gym takes a lot of work.  Being nice to someone when all I want to do is curse them out takes work.  How hard can it be?

I constantly find myself saying these same three little words, "It's not fair."  Maybe I wanted to go on an afternoon hike but Ty has to go pick up the kids to cut their hair.  Or maybe I planned this great weekend for all of us but unfortunately, attitudes came face-to-face with teenage hormones and boom laughter turned into silence and an unplugged family.  No literally, no technology allowed after all that.  In my short time of marriage, I learned that it's no l…

Can't Quit

I love this picture! It truly speaks to my heart.  Never quit.  Never stop.  You’re much closer then you think.
I feel like the minor on the bottom who is so close to reaching the gold but he doesn’t even know it.  All he knows is he’s been mining for a long time with no reward.  When do you call it quits?  The answer is you never quit. You know the saying, “Quitters never win and winners never quit.” 
I am in the process of writing my very first book.  It’s called, Uniquely Qualified.  You are Uniquely Qualified to walk into the destiny God has designed for you.  God has given me the words to write this book.  He has taken me down a journey that now I must share.  There are so many great pieces of advice in this book; I can’t wait for it to be published.  On the flip-side, this is one of the most strenuous, meticulous processes I have ever endured.  Even during grad school writing 75-100 page papers was not as difficult as this.  It feels as if every time I successfully progress in…