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Today is my last day with WBTV

This is a bitter sweet moment for me.I am very sad to leave behind a family here at WBTV.Every single person has welcomed me into the newsroom with open arms.Each person has taught me something along the way whether they literally sat down and verbalized it to me or simply displayed it in their character.With so much talent in one building I must say I am truly honored to be amongst such an amazing group of individuals.I will miss the entire crew- THANK YOU for everything!

The reason for my departure is to begin a new venture with Fox Charlotte.I have been offered a dream job as a meteorologist and reporter. More importantly, this position is aligned with opportunity for growth so I immediately blurted out, “Where do I sign” (lol). I am excited to enter unfamiliar territory for I am a lover of knowledge.I have officially started reading my first weather book titled, “The Atmosphere”.
In life there are times God will speak to us loudly and boldly.This was one of those instances.I knew so…

I am an Insecure Person- YES I Said It!

This is a very loud statement to say but I feel the need to take the lead and blurt it out. (Follow me on this one) I am currently reading a book by Beth Moore called So Long, Insecurity. This book has made me think long and hard about certain situations in my life.To be completely honest with you there was a situation that popped up between my boyfriend and I which forced me to pick up this book in search for facts.I needed to find out what insecurity is, why it controls us and most importantly, how do we get rid of it.The situation between my boyfriend and I made me take a deep look at myself in the mirror as person that doesn’t quite have it together like I thought I did.

I am a person who considers herself completely secure.I have learned to love my body for where it is, love my embarrassing slang terminology, dumb jokes, horrible memory and crazy ways of doing things.I feel like I have truly become comfortable in my own skin.What has awakened my spirit recently is that on most day…