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Practice Your Smile

We fail at wearing our problems on our sleeves at times.We all face hardships, but there are only few who can smile through the storm.I‘ve always admired people like this.I sometimes wish I could have the strength to smile through adversity as they do.Truth is I can and so can you.

I guess the reason why I feel it’s impossible to do what others do so easily is because I’m viewing it through two different lenses.When I see them happy and joyful in the face of an obstacle, I see it as strength.When I have the opportunity to smile through my problems I look at it as being fake.There’s a part of me that says, “Why smile? Your life is upside down”.
Rather than focus on negative situations in your life, choose to only see the positive. Focusing on the bad parts of your life can eventually lead to depression.Do not claim negative circumstances.Make the choice to be happy.
We can all pick at least one thing in our life that we’re grateful for.Even if it’s as simple as the air we breathe. Walk th…