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Picture This

Picture the worst possible event or chain of events happening to you in your life, the lowest moment ever, where surprisingly enough you are still left breathing. At this moment, do you still go on? With the tiniest fragment of life gripping your soul what matters most at this time? What do you cling to for support? How do you go on? I fear the moment when my faith is tested the most; when God doesn’t answer me, and forced to figure it out on my own.

Again, what matters most during the weakest moment ever imaginable? As I ponder my weakness I feel the need to share with you this… The only things that can help us go on are faith, and love from family and friends. This is what we must strengthen now- on our good days, during our good walks and while the sun is still shining. There will be tough roads ahead of us and the nice cars, jewelry, fancy clothes and vacations will no longer hold meaning. In a low moment, during a test of life, when there is still a little life yet, th…