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Allow the Process of Brokenness

I didn't start writing my first book because I wanted to stay up late writing, while everyone was sleeping. I didn't write because I wanted to pay thousands of dollars of my own money before I ever sold one book.  I didn't write to become famous or simply wear the title of author. I decided to write "Uniquely Qualified" because I was broken.

There is a rejuvenation that happens when you are in a broken state.  It doesn't feel good. It actually hurts like hell.  You hate yourself, your life and everyone in it.... well that's how I felt.   However, if you look back at the worst moment in your life it probably birthed something so wonderful in you, right?

Many times we must be broken down for the rebuilding to take place.  We constantly pray to steer free from these storms of life but its in these moments that greatness is formed.  Allow the process of brokenness.  In the storm you will grow closer to God, your strength will be tested, a new journey is launc…