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I Am Rich

I am rich in Faith.
I am rich in Good Health.
I am rich in Love.
I am rich in Freedom.
I am rich in Happiness.
I am rich in Peace.
I am rich in Family.
I am rich in Friends.
I am rich in heart.

God has given us so many Blessings. Everywhere your eye can see there are Blessings for us to enjoy.Such Blessings include the sun to warm our skin, the breeze to blow our hair, wonderful smells to enlighten our senses, stories to warms our hearts, music to move our feet, and food to speak to our souls.
Why on earth would anyone think of themselves as anything less than rich? The answer is simple.There are many differentiations of the term rich.For example, the definition of rich is to have a great deal of money or assets.According to the Wall Street Journal, a net worth of $1.4 Million will put you in the top 5% of Americans.Yet, the wealthy today view this figure as chump change.This just goes to show you we all view being rich differently.

I decided to take this to Facebook by posting the q…