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And The Smile Returns

I needed some rejuvenation today so I called a good friend.  What the conversation did was put the important aspects of my life to the forefront of my thoughts.It reminded me that the reason I am feeling the way I do is because I lost sight of keeping God first.

When I wake up the first thing I NEED to think about is praising God for another day.Thank him for my breath, for the birds chirping, for a roof over my head, thank him for loving us all and keeping family healthy.I NEED to wake up feeling Blessed and eager to give blessings throughout the day rather than turning over and reading emails.I am always immediately annoyed after checking emails so I’m not sure why I continue to do it.
The phone call also reminded me that I need to speak victory over my life. Speak life! There’s much power in the tongue so if you speak depression into your life then it will soon pop up.If you feel your life is going nowhere then it probably is.Thank God for the circumstances that has not yet arisen.Th…