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How to Grow Closer to God

One of the biggest questions I receive all the time is, "How can I strengthen my faith?"  It makes me chuckle because I did not grow up in the church and I too, remember years ago looking at others wondering how they know so much scripture and wanting to pray like them.

If these are thoughts you have, one of the most beautiful aspects about where you are is that you're actually wanting more.  That alone is enough for me to start dancing and screaming about how great God is!!!!!  Now, the true answer to this question with regards to growth in any area in life simply comes down to taking baby steps.  You cannot try to read the entire Bible and BOOM now you're a Preacher.  No, the scripture is not read, it's lived.

I've learned that my daily walk with Christ can be broken down into four steps:


When you love someone you want to be with them.  Spending intentional time with Jesus is key to growing with Him.  In the early s…