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The Secret to Happiness

I remember watching the DVD, “Secret to Happiness”.Yeah I cheated, I didn't read the book.After watching this entire DVD, I was ready to start thinking positively to allow for the powerful energy to flow freely.  Bring on the happiness.
I can honestly see this working.  There’s a lot of truth to thinking positively and believing in success, but I stumbled upon my own answer.
The secret to happiness in my eyes is GIVING.  Yep, it’s that simple.  If you are wishing for a Blessing you must first be the blessing.  When you give to someone without wanting anything back in return the reward comes in two folds.  First, the person who you are helping will receive the benefit of your giving.  The second reward is what you feel when you see the person happy.  Hearing someone say, “Thank you” is extremely gratifying and will in-turn make you smile.  Knowing that you’re making someone else’s day can truly have a positive effect on you.

Your giving does not have to be big.  It can be a small act…