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To Settle… Or Not to Settle?

I’m surrounded by love, but feel loneliness. Is it because I push everyone away who wants to love me? He’s waiting on me to give the cue, but I can’t give it. I’m not ready! Now, I say I’m not ready, but really I am. Is it that I’m just not ready for what he has to offer, or is it that I’m continuously waiting on a fairy tale story to sweep me away? I'm talking Mr. Sexy Knight in Shining Armor! I don’t believe in settling by no means, so what the heck is it? I have loved and I have lost.

 Today, I want nothing more than to love and lose again. For some reason, my intellectual-emotions (funny, those two words make absolutely no sense together) will not allow me to falter into wrongful decisions. I believe in loving and losing because this is all a part of growth, but why for some reason am I hiding behind my own brick wall? This wall which happens to be so strong and tall I can’t even knock it down if I wanted too. Please, I pray to you, get me out of here.