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Looking To Make A Difference

I've been given the most amazing opportunity- to spotlight amazing people in the community. Is that you? Keep reading... I'll fill you in on the whole story.

For a while now I have been lost and confused with my chosen career. I didn't know what I wanted and I wasn't sure what I was working towards. You know that fork-in-the-road when you start to question the path you've been on. I was praying for direction but the answers were blurry. Finally I raised my hands and said, "God you know what, I'm not going to move until you tell me what to do. I don't care if it takes two months or two years I will practice patience until you speak to me." Low and behold a few weeks later (Thank God) he spoke to me and told me exactly what to do. It was scary at the thought but I did exactly what he said and Glory be to God I now have this amazing opportunity to showcase organizations in the community that do amazing work for others. My motivation in doing this is…