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Never Felt.....

Love that makes me smile so big. Love that makes me cry so hard. Love that scares me to my soul. I know love is an action but have you ever felt so much love by just looking at 'The One'?
I love him. More than words can describe. More than my actions can show. When he looks at me I see love in his eyes. Love so tender and so sweet. I feel love in his touch. I see kindness in his approach for we are still learning each other's movements. The love I have for him is more than I ever felt in my life. It's something I always yearned for. Its what so many told me doesn't exist. I believe in miracles and I believe in love. I love him.

I am ready to give my all for this man. Ready to fight the big fight. The reason why I know so pure is because things that use to bother me dont anymore. When I notice something of distaste I simply whisper, "I love him" and in an instance it's gone. The issue then becomes my past and he has returns as my present.

I see overw…