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It’s so crazy to me how someone can be married for 63 years.Ro and I always say we want that.We want to grow old together.We want to be that couple that looks like each other (lol- I think they’re so funny and cute at the same time).
When we first got together the love I felt for him was powerful.It was so fast and so extreme.I almost caught myself wishing we would be a year into our relationship already so it could all make sense.How can you really tell a girlfriend or a family member that after only a couple of days you’re madly in love?
On the flipside I wanted to stay in that moment forever because I know what goes up must come down and the high I was on I never wanted to come down from.I also remember different people kept telling me enjoy this moment because once the honey moon phase ends you’ll never get it back it’s then that you will have a different kind of love for him.It’s love that you have to work on.I didn’t understand it and I didn’t want to believe it.
Ro and I have been…