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They come and go. Some leave a lasting imprint on your for life, while others well...

When I moved away from home (Hampton Virginia) I relocated to Charlotte where I knew absolutely no one. All I prayed for was to be surrounded by good people. God is an awesome God and he heard my cries. I met so many wonderful people in Charlotte it is astonishing. I left behind childhood friends thinking I would never be able to fill that void, but low-and-behold I made friends in a short amount of time who have taught me so many beautiful things about life, loyalty and love.

Does time really characterize a real friend? At this time in my life I have to answer no. Some friendships are instantaneous and last forever while other friendships may take a little bit longer to grow.

I have met an amazing human being and while I’ve only known him for a couple years; today I call him my best friend. I appreciate him so much for all he’s taught me and truthfully for him just being who he is insid…

Peace & Happiness is in Your Reach

Happiness fills my mind as I sit here. I have nothing to be ungrateful for. I have learned to settle in my own skin with the less than perfect wardrobe, tiny savings account and long list of ‘Wants’. I feel overwhelmingly blessed because everywhere I look God is meeting me at my needs. I might not be exactly where I want to be and I certainly have dreams and ambitions which are out of this world but at the end of the day when I look around I only see ‘Life at its Best’. Money pops up at unexpected times to get me through the month, friends jump in at times I least expect it, job opportunities seem to present themselves in ways I could never imagine. I continue to pray for God to lead me down the path he has chosen for me. Yes, there are still times of confusion about where he is pointing me to go and when but I feel I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. He is telling me to ‘Be Still’. We all have wants and needs which more than likely surpass what we can achieve in reality.…