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A Few Tricks Up My Sleeves

Here’s a trick about this thing called life, "Lots of hard work and little play." My father always told me I have two choices in life. He said, "You can work hard and play later or you can play now and work hard later." Let that sink in for just a moment. Which route have you chosen for your life?

In high school I played, so this made college very hard. I don’t have the normal college stories of parties and sororities. I was on my last leg of chances since getting expelled my senior year of high school. This meant I had to come up with a plan to get into school if I wanted a college degree. It's by the grace of God that I made it. Today, I vow to work hard at everything I do. The trick is to factor in only a little 'play'. This will take you a far.

Let me remind you of another trick- volunteering. There is surpeme power in volunteerism. If you have never volunteered your time I suggest you try it. There was a woman I recently met from the Harvest Cente…