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And I Didn't Even Care

This morning was weird for me. As far back as I can remember I have always been a person who wants to go to church, someone who looks forward to Sunday mornings. For whatever reason my parents didn't raise my brothers and I in the church. We went to Sunday school and occassionally hit up church for holidays but it certainly wasn't a part of our childhood. My church days started with my first boyfriend. Going to church with him and his dad sparked something in me that I didn't realize I was missing. After I bought my first car I started going to church by myself.

There are times I make excuses not go to church. You may be able to relate I'm not sure but I say things like I'm too tired or I rather spend a couple hours with Ro before I go to work. I have even went as far as saying I don't have enough money to tithe (how horrible?). Typically, whenever I make excuses it takes days for me to forgive myself because I'm so angry for skipping service.
Today was d…