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What to wear? What to wear?

This is what runs through a girl’s mind the second it’s time to get dressed for ANYTHING. It’s funny, we continuously mix and match different tops, skirts, and jeans but by the time we end up walking to the car we’re wearing something completely different anyways lol. I must say, I’m excited to see how the sexy ladies of the Queen City decide to step out Wednesday night as we all rush to the premiere of Sex and the City 2…. And can I say for the record, every time I watch the preview I get a tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach… Is Carrie going to ruin what she worked so hard for and run to Aidan or will Mr. Big triumphantly win again? All I know for sure is I’m bringing my tissues because the last movie had my eye liner running a track race down my face.

I would also like to share a secret with you. Are you ready??? All the ladies attending Wednesday evening will also have the chance to be in a crowd shot for OPRAH. Yep, I said it, “Oprah”. I am auditioning for the Oprah …