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A Best Seller in 21 Minutes

Who knew that a jobless girl in 2014 would one day actually publish her first a book and become a Best-Seller.  When I left my full-time job to pursue my "calling," I had no idea I would actually find it.  I was scared, broke and curious all at the same time.  The only thing that was for certain in my life was that I wanted more and was not going to quit until I found it.

If you feel stuck and are craving new inspiration in your life, first purchase my book, "Uniquely Qualified."  This three year journey truly lays out the steps to understanding how qualified you already are.  For the time being, here are some points to consider as you take your leap of faith.

1. It Starts with You- You don't necessary have to leave your job or the relationship you're in right now.  I'm saying you need to quit your job to pursue your passion.  When you read Uniquely Qualified you will see that I strategically stayed in my current situations until I received the word to…