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My Testimony: God Spoke To Me Today

I'm currently sitting in Barnes and Nobles. What use to be my favorite place in the whole world, now has become a place from my distant past.It didn’t matter how bad of a mood I was in I could always come here to relax.I would get a coffee and plop my butt down with 5 books in front of me to escape my reality.It was my place of peace until one day some man tried to holla at me.To me it was simple.Can’t you see I’m busy reading? But no this man couldn’t just leave it alone.He looked at it as a missed opportunity if he didn’t speak.He stole me away from my place serenity with his wack lines and utter annoyance.FYI- Nice dude but I had to hit him with the, “I’m sorry but I’m not interested” line. Ever since that day my Barnes and Nobles experience has never been the same. That is, until today.
I had missed my appointment at the Apple store so I decided to grab a coffee and make the best of it.To my surprise the only Starbucks was next door inside the Barnes and Nobles.I did the usual.…

Today is my last day with WBTV

This is a bitter sweet moment for me.I am very sad to leave behind a family here at WBTV.Every single person has welcomed me into the newsroom with open arms.Each person has taught me something along the way whether they literally sat down and verbalized it to me or simply displayed it in their character.With so much talent in one building I must say I am truly honored to be amongst such an amazing group of individuals.I will miss the entire crew- THANK YOU for everything!

The reason for my departure is to begin a new venture with Fox Charlotte.I have been offered a dream job as a meteorologist and reporter. More importantly, this position is aligned with opportunity for growth so I immediately blurted out, “Where do I sign” (lol). I am excited to enter unfamiliar territory for I am a lover of knowledge.I have officially started reading my first weather book titled, “The Atmosphere”.
In life there are times God will speak to us loudly and boldly.This was one of those instances.I knew so…

I am an Insecure Person- YES I Said It!

This is a very loud statement to say but I feel the need to take the lead and blurt it out. (Follow me on this one) I am currently reading a book by Beth Moore called So Long, Insecurity. This book has made me think long and hard about certain situations in my life.To be completely honest with you there was a situation that popped up between my boyfriend and I which forced me to pick up this book in search for facts.I needed to find out what insecurity is, why it controls us and most importantly, how do we get rid of it.The situation between my boyfriend and I made me take a deep look at myself in the mirror as person that doesn’t quite have it together like I thought I did.

I am a person who considers herself completely secure.I have learned to love my body for where it is, love my embarrassing slang terminology, dumb jokes, horrible memory and crazy ways of doing things.I feel like I have truly become comfortable in my own skin.What has awakened my spirit recently is that on most day…

Are you in SEASON?


We all endure a number of different seasons in our lives.  For some it's simply to be loved, others need to feel accomplished, but most want to be blessed and happy. Recently I took a journey aboard the Megabus to DC. In doing so it allowed for a lot of brainstorming and reflection on my life, more importantly the last few years. As far back as I can remember, the odd numbered years have been more favorable to me than that of the even numbered ones. Sounds crazy right? Well follow me on this one. This year, 2011, has been in one word: Awesome! I have been highly favored as I have a fantastic job, just moved into a new condo, my health is in order, I met the love of my life, and above everything else I’m happy! I try and put out of my mind what awaits me in 2012 and just bask in the moment of all this. These are the seasons of my life.

Recently my best friend had a baby girl, hence the trip to DC. Upon arrival I was quickly able to see and witness how the changing seasons played a …

Praying for Big Pat

These days it appears everywhere I turn I see close friends and family going through the roughest of times.  I can sit here and rattle off my laundry list of situations, but I would rather share with you the reality check I experienced most recently.  One, in my opinion, that would change my life’s perspective forever.  I pray sharing this story with you will have an impact on you as well; this is the story of Big Pat.
In January of this year, Big Pat and a few of us were hanging out one night when all of a sudden the situation got extremely tense.  Big Pat leaned over and whispered to me that he wasn’t feeling well and thought it would be best if he went to the hospital.  Without hesitation, we all rushed him to the emergency room.  It was at that point that we all realized that our suspicions and assumptions were real, Big Pat’s battle with kidney disease had elevated to a new level.  The doctors uttered these dreadful words to Big Pat, “Your kidneys are on the verge of failing”. …

I Breathe and Say.... Thank You GOD

My Life has taken a hard road this past year and a half. Many of you can probably relate. Money doesn’t flow as freely as it use to. I will admit there’s a little side of me which references things I would like to have. Back in the day I would go buy them, today they just sit on a mental ‘wish list’. The first thing on my list is to get a new car- who wouldn’t? I’ve had my current car for a couple years and the mileage is getting high, so I’m thinking lets upgrade that bad-boy. The second item on my ‘wish list’ is to fix my diamond ring. Throughout the years it lost two of its tiny diamonds and of course I’m not happy about this. I reminisce on the day I bought it. I rushed over to the store to put it on. It looked so big and shiny on my hand. Today, there are days and even weeks I find myself not wearing it. This has taught me not to put so much value in tangible items because they do not bring lasting happiness to the soul. They may make you smile initially but what abo…

I'm Ready to Give it All I Got

I just felt completely inspired. This made me run to get my laptop and type this. I woke up from a long sleep; sleep which lasted from March 29th, 2010 when I got fired till today at 7:38pm June 30th, 2011. This time has been slow yet refreshing. I officially took a PAUSE on my life. I caught up on rest in more ways than one. I thought, I dissected and truly brainstormed my next move. At times the feeling of failure would attempt to flood my mind but I would always push it out with the verification of knowing I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. My beginning to “Breathe Again” is an attempt to walk in a direction I have never taken. I have uttered the words “I’m scared” more times than I can even count and I have never been the type of person to fear anything. I will accept my past insecurities but move forward by making the choice to reach into areas that are uncomfortable to my soul. To me, I must live life to its fullest potential. I have not truly been living this p…

I’ve never Felt so Alive

I have always been the girl who prays to God like this, “God, when you think I’m ready and the time is right will you point me to the man of my dreams”. Not that I ever felt urgency for finding a man, I enjoyed being what I call, “Super Single”. Well, the beginning of this year was different for me. I noticed my prayer request starting to change. It went a little something like this, “God, do you think I’m ready yet? I would really love for you to shine your light among the one who you deem as my Mr. Right”. I felt at this time God whispered to me that this year would be my year. I kept thinking God was referencing a new job or more income but then it hit me like a ton of bricks that what God was telling me was this year would be the year I would meet my match.

So, are you ready to hear how we met? Yes, how my new man and I met? Introduced by mutual friends I, Jacinda Garabito now find myself in love with a wonderful man. A man that is perfectly flawed with imperfections …

Giving Too Much Will Hinder...

Women have the hardest time saying “No”. We are nurturing and giving by nature. There are times we catch ourselves doing for others and we don’t even realize it. We must learn to take hold of the hardest task which is simply saying, “No, you do it.” Think of your greatest accomplishments, you didn’t just breeze thru the finish line, you suffered long enduring hours. The benefit of doing it yourself is priceless. It took me a long time to realize I was hindering my brothers by always wanting to help them in any way possible. In some cases the biggest reward is when you’re pushed off the deep end and forced to swim on your OWN. ‘Give’ when you can, but also realize the greatest gift you can give someone is the support and confidence in knowing they can do it on their own.


They come and go. Some leave a lasting imprint on your for life, while others well...

When I moved away from home (Hampton Virginia) I relocated to Charlotte where I knew absolutely no one. All I prayed for was to be surrounded by good people. God is an awesome God and he heard my cries. I met so many wonderful people in Charlotte it is astonishing. I left behind childhood friends thinking I would never be able to fill that void, but low-and-behold I made friends in a short amount of time who have taught me so many beautiful things about life, loyalty and love.

Does time really characterize a real friend? At this time in my life I have to answer no. Some friendships are instantaneous and last forever while other friendships may take a little bit longer to grow.

I have met an amazing human being and while I’ve only known him for a couple years; today I call him my best friend. I appreciate him so much for all he’s taught me and truthfully for him just being who he is insid…

Peace & Happiness is in Your Reach

Happiness fills my mind as I sit here. I have nothing to be ungrateful for. I have learned to settle in my own skin with the less than perfect wardrobe, tiny savings account and long list of ‘Wants’. I feel overwhelmingly blessed because everywhere I look God is meeting me at my needs. I might not be exactly where I want to be and I certainly have dreams and ambitions which are out of this world but at the end of the day when I look around I only see ‘Life at its Best’. Money pops up at unexpected times to get me through the month, friends jump in at times I least expect it, job opportunities seem to present themselves in ways I could never imagine. I continue to pray for God to lead me down the path he has chosen for me. Yes, there are still times of confusion about where he is pointing me to go and when but I feel I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. He is telling me to ‘Be Still’. We all have wants and needs which more than likely surpass what we can achieve in reality.…