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Do Pictures Capture or…. Ruin?

Its funny, when it’s time to go out or go on vacation the most important items tend to be lip gloss and “Do you have the camera?” I stuff my camera in all my clutches and opt to take the car key off the key chain just for everything to fit properly. I really believe this picture taking phenomenon is ruining the beauty in ‘The Moment’. It’s always, “Come on take this picture here, take this picture there, group shots, crazy poses (my favs)” once we spend half the night taking pictures, what did we really do- NOTHING. We got all dressed up to just take pictures. Sometimes we re-enact events just to take pictures of them. This is what I call ‘faking the picture’. Why can’t we wait for things to happen naturally and then if we’re skilled enough we will try our best to capture the real moment. This is what a picture should truly depict. Back in the day we captured moments, now we create the moment for the picture. What’s up with that people?