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Detoxing Your Mind

A few weeks ago I participated in my first cleansing detox.  It was quite difficult; I’m not going to lie.  This detox consisted of 5 days with no solid foods and the 6th & 7th days you were only allowed fruits and veggies.  The first 3 days I solely drank the lemonade detox mixture (recipe below).  The final two days I made fruit infused detoxifying drinks.  The last two days of fruits and veggies allowed for a nice transition back into the world of solid food again. 
During this detox I developed a new found respect for food.  I have a craving to taste bold flavors, see grandiose colors, and only eat foods that are worth it.  I have not given fast food a thought since the detox.  I learned, when something has been taken away from you, you develop a new found respect for it once it’s back in your life. Today, I appreciate a healthy balance of food and sweets. Goal accomplished!
The Dark Side Being deprived from food had my mind in pure panic mode.  My every thought consisted of fo…