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Trying... To STAND

In church yesterday we sang a song about standing.It was simple yet very beautiful.I put it in context with my life.I am in a battle ground as so are you.It’s one of those places you hit in your life where every day you are diligently trying to win against the devil but he constantly places negative thoughts in your mind.Thoughts like you’re never going to be able to save money again, you’re stuck and there’s no way out etc.?

I wake up and say a prayer to Jesus.I read my devotional.I read a passage in the Bible daily.I listen to my praise music.Every day I try to remain positive so I can show Jesus in my walk.Yet, every day I feel the devil has managed to break me down at some point.Maybe I find myself complaining all day long or being judgmental.I feel a negative spirit come over me and it disgusts me.I feel worry come into my thoughts and then I begin to feel defeated. BUT this song yesterday reminded me of how nurturing it is to be Saved.All I have to do is get up.With all our ups a…