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They come and go. Some leave a lasting imprint on your for life, while others well...

When I moved away from home (Hampton Virginia) I relocated to Charlotte where I knew absolutely no one. All I prayed for was to be surrounded by good people. God is an awesome God and he heard my cries. I met so many wonderful people in Charlotte it is astonishing. I left behind childhood friends thinking I would never be able to fill that void, but low-and-behold I made friends in a short amount of time who have taught me so many beautiful things about life, loyalty and love.

Does time really characterize a real friend? At this time in my life I have to answer no. Some friendships are instantaneous and last forever while other friendships may take a little bit longer to grow.

I have met an amazing human being and while I’ve only known him for a couple years; today I call him my best friend. I appreciate him so much for all he’s taught me and truthfully for him just being who he is insid…