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I Vow to Stop Drinking and Driving!!!

I recently made a pact with myself to stop drinking and driving. I am the stupid idiot who feels she is perfectly fine at 3am to drive herself home. I made sure to title this blog as such because I want people to know how dumb, stupid, insane, ruthless and horrible I have been. I didn’t want to say, "I Don’t Drink and Drive or I Will Never Drink and Drive". No, I want you to know the cold hard truth because I have a feeling you may or may not be in my same boat. Am I right? WE COLLECTIVELY NEED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS TODAY!!!!!

Here’s my issue, I’m a smart girl and I know drinking and getting behind the wheel is a gamble. The only problem is when I’ve been drinking I no longer remain this smart, sensible girl. The voice in my head actually speaks the opposite of reality. I usually feel I’m a little tipsy but well enough to drive my drunk butt home, which is completely false.

My realization came the other night when I was videotaping a friend proposing to his girlfriend on st…