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Are You Hiding from the Truth???

Is there something you consistently do, but absolutely hate yourself for doing it?? I answer this question with a capital Yes! There are things in my life I want to change for the better, but there is this one thing in particular I downright do not like. I wish I could stop it on my own, but after all these years I’m starting to feel that maybe I have a little bit of a problem.

 Here’s the hardest thing, I see everyone else doing it so I sometimes sike myself into believing it’s okay. At the same time, I’m always keen on the vulnerability of having to look myself in the mirror. During these one-on-one’s there’s absolutely no room for excuses, just the hard, cold truth. I’ve been kidding myself for many years but seriously, I need to make a change.

-Is there something you do that you hate? If there is, tell me more about it. I would love to hear your struggles as well.

-Can you guess what my struggle is? LOL!!!