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I Breathe and Say.... Thank You GOD

My Life has taken a hard road this past year and a half. Many of you can probably relate. Money doesn’t flow as freely as it use to. I will admit there’s a little side of me which references things I would like to have. Back in the day I would go buy them, today they just sit on a mental ‘wish list’. The first thing on my list is to get a new car- who wouldn’t? I’ve had my current car for a couple years and the mileage is getting high, so I’m thinking lets upgrade that bad-boy. The second item on my ‘wish list’ is to fix my diamond ring. Throughout the years it lost two of its tiny diamonds and of course I’m not happy about this. I reminisce on the day I bought it. I rushed over to the store to put it on. It looked so big and shiny on my hand. Today, there are days and even weeks I find myself not wearing it. This has taught me not to put so much value in tangible items because they do not bring lasting happiness to the soul. They may make you smile initially but what abo…