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Which Direction Will You Take?

I still have love for him. Even after all he’s done to me, his family, his friends and most importantly himself. The choices you make every single day affect you and those who love you. Each little decisoin can have a huge effect. It’s as simple as getting behind the wheel drunk, selling that tiny bag of drugs, and/ or stealing that small piece of merchandise. These all have lasting affects. Yes, they can humble you but why risk it all to teach such a drastic lesson? Why does it mean your loved ones have to suffer because of it? I feel so blessed to have lived a life on the right and wrong side of the tracks. I chose to go on the dark side. I was only thinking about myself and never in a million years did I realize it could have affected anyone else. I am so happy I have learned and come out of those terrible years, in making all those terrible decisions, but it’s sad when I see other people making the wrong choices. The second you realize there’s no turning back, you realiz…