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Make the Choice to BE HAPPY!!

This is easier said than done, but when you sit down and think about making this choice it’s really quite simple. When life hits you with its best swings we should make the choice to smile and overcome. It’s fair to say we all know trials and tribulation await our every move, so why not walk into the storm with a positive outlook? I’m no saint at smiling in the face of danger. I was literally challenged Monday. No matter how hard I tried to remain positive nothing was working. I was watching myself be defeated by the enemy of negative thinking. I was heading down stream and focusing solely on the negative circumstances in my life. Since then, I have managed to pull myself out of the rut THANKFULLY, but I was seriously tested.

I personally think it’s okay to take a loss at times. Take a minute of one-on-one time or take a day or even a week. Just remember the sun will shine again because you want it too! I told myself Monday during the midst of the storm,
“Hey J, if you wa…