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My Testimony: God Spoke To Me Today

I'm currently sitting in Barnes and Nobles. What use to be my favorite place in the whole world, now has become a place from my distant past.It didn’t matter how bad of a mood I was in I could always come here to relax.I would get a coffee and plop my butt down with 5 books in front of me to escape my reality.It was my place of peace until one day some man tried to holla at me.To me it was simple.Can’t you see I’m busy reading? But no this man couldn’t just leave it alone.He looked at it as a missed opportunity if he didn’t speak.He stole me away from my place serenity with his wack lines and utter annoyance.FYI- Nice dude but I had to hit him with the, “I’m sorry but I’m not interested” line. Ever since that day my Barnes and Nobles experience has never been the same. That is, until today.
I had missed my appointment at the Apple store so I decided to grab a coffee and make the best of it.To my surprise the only Starbucks was next door inside the Barnes and Nobles.I did the usual.…