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Soaring Higher and Higher

I have started taking a huge interest in hawks.  I've never noticed them before.  I've maybe seen 3 in my entire life.  Recently, I see them everywhere! This alone made me stop and wonder.  The logical side of me knows its mating season and probably normal for hawks to be flying around.  The other side, wonders if there's a meaning behind these miraculous hawk sightings?  
I was on on a 6 hour road trip just the other day and I easily saw 12 hawks during the course of our travels.  At one point, I noticed 5 hawks perched on a billboard sign.  It felt like something was smacking me in the face saying, "Do you see us now?"  
Low-and-behold the second I typed, "I see hawks" into the search bar, answers started flying across my screen.
The hawk animal is a messenger.  These sightings represent a spiritual awakening.  Hawks soar high above the trees, but have keen eye sight to see even the smallest animal on the ground.  The message I am receiving has to do …