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Are you in SEASON?


We all endure a number of different seasons in our lives.  For some it's simply to be loved, others need to feel accomplished, but most want to be blessed and happy. Recently I took a journey aboard the Megabus to DC. In doing so it allowed for a lot of brainstorming and reflection on my life, more importantly the last few years. As far back as I can remember, the odd numbered years have been more favorable to me than that of the even numbered ones. Sounds crazy right? Well follow me on this one. This year, 2011, has been in one word: Awesome! I have been highly favored as I have a fantastic job, just moved into a new condo, my health is in order, I met the love of my life, and above everything else I’m happy! I try and put out of my mind what awaits me in 2012 and just bask in the moment of all this. These are the seasons of my life.

Recently my best friend had a baby girl, hence the trip to DC. Upon arrival I was quickly able to see and witness how the changing seasons played a …

Praying for Big Pat

These days it appears everywhere I turn I see close friends and family going through the roughest of times.  I can sit here and rattle off my laundry list of situations, but I would rather share with you the reality check I experienced most recently.  One, in my opinion, that would change my life’s perspective forever.  I pray sharing this story with you will have an impact on you as well; this is the story of Big Pat.
In January of this year, Big Pat and a few of us were hanging out one night when all of a sudden the situation got extremely tense.  Big Pat leaned over and whispered to me that he wasn’t feeling well and thought it would be best if he went to the hospital.  Without hesitation, we all rushed him to the emergency room.  It was at that point that we all realized that our suspicions and assumptions were real, Big Pat’s battle with kidney disease had elevated to a new level.  The doctors uttered these dreadful words to Big Pat, “Your kidneys are on the verge of failing”. …