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Flower Bloom

I bought my first house a year ago and out of nowhere a list of never ending tasks seemed to erupt out of thin air.  One of the first things I wanted to do this summer was plant flowers in the front yard.  I couldn't wait!  I always envisioned this task being so relaxing and fun.  Almost like becoming one with nature or some crap.  Until I got my butt out there myself I realized it was a full day of sweat and hard work.  Boy was it difficult!  I even had to ask one of my girlfriends to help and even still, after hours of work we only got 6 flowers planted.  It was hot, there were inch worms crawling all over us.  I broke my new hand shovel and tore through a couple sets of gloves but thank goodness we finished.  The mulch was in, the flowers were pretty and the house finally looked polished.
Then the madness started-- the flowers started to die.  Oh hecks no! After all the money and time spent on these flowers I would not have it.  Not to mention all the years of dreaming about ha…

For A Woman

For the Women's Empowerment weekend at Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Hickory NC, all the women in the congregation wore white with pink and black accents.  We were pinned with pretty pink roses and pearls, absolute beauty flooded the sanctuary.  
I wrote a poem for the occasion.  God gave the words instantaneously.  They flooded my notepad so fast it was hard to keep up.  During service, I asked all the women to stand and to take in every word.  I wanted each woman to receive these words as their own.  
After service ended I had one woman walk up and ask for a copy of the poem.  She said she needs to be reminded that she is loved everyday.  WOW! Look at God.  Answer His calling.  You never know when and how your work will be a Blessing to someone else.  

A Woman
You are strong Bold Lovely A flower born from a seed You grew through grace You stand in elegance Exude beauty

Sometimes you cry You shout, You feel hurt You wild out You wear all hats At times you don't k…

40 Day Meditation

I've struggled with mediation for a long time.  I would always find myself falling asleep in the process.  I recently decided the best way to strengthen my spiritual man would be trying my hand at mediation for 40 days. I am currently two weeks into it.  I would like to share some of my findings so far.
The purpose of mediation is much deeper than sitting still and breathing slowly.  Deepak Chopra says it best, “Prayer is when you speak to God, but mediation is when God speaks to you.” 
Day 1 of my 40 day mediation I went to YouTube to find some soothing music.  I found a 7 minute selection and figured it would be a good start.  During the first go round, I noticed my thoughts were running wild.  I found myself thinking about everything.  I would hone in on a thought and begin to have a conversation with it.  Then out of nowhere I would feel my body jump a little bit like, “You’re not mediating you’re thinking”.  So my first lesson in mediation was developing a habit of viewing …

Detoxing Your Mind

A few weeks ago I participated in my first cleansing detox.  It was quite difficult; I’m not going to lie.  This detox consisted of 5 days with no solid foods and the 6th & 7th days you were only allowed fruits and veggies.  The first 3 days I solely drank the lemonade detox mixture (recipe below).  The final two days I made fruit infused detoxifying drinks.  The last two days of fruits and veggies allowed for a nice transition back into the world of solid food again. 
During this detox I developed a new found respect for food.  I have a craving to taste bold flavors, see grandiose colors, and only eat foods that are worth it.  I have not given fast food a thought since the detox.  I learned, when something has been taken away from you, you develop a new found respect for it once it’s back in your life. Today, I appreciate a healthy balance of food and sweets. Goal accomplished!
The Dark Side Being deprived from food had my mind in pure panic mode.  My every thought consisted of fo…

The Secret to Happiness

I remember watching the DVD, “Secret to Happiness”.Yeah I cheated, I didn't read the book.After watching this entire DVD, I was ready to start thinking positively to allow for the powerful energy to flow freely.  Bring on the happiness.
I can honestly see this working.  There’s a lot of truth to thinking positively and believing in success, but I stumbled upon my own answer.
The secret to happiness in my eyes is GIVING.  Yep, it’s that simple.  If you are wishing for a Blessing you must first be the blessing.  When you give to someone without wanting anything back in return the reward comes in two folds.  First, the person who you are helping will receive the benefit of your giving.  The second reward is what you feel when you see the person happy.  Hearing someone say, “Thank you” is extremely gratifying and will in-turn make you smile.  Knowing that you’re making someone else’s day can truly have a positive effect on you.

Your giving does not have to be big.  It can be a small act…

Soaring Higher and Higher

I have started taking a huge interest in hawks.  I've never noticed them before.  I've maybe seen 3 in my entire life.  Recently, I see them everywhere! This alone made me stop and wonder.  The logical side of me knows its mating season and probably normal for hawks to be flying around.  The other side, wonders if there's a meaning behind these miraculous hawk sightings?  
I was on on a 6 hour road trip just the other day and I easily saw 12 hawks during the course of our travels.  At one point, I noticed 5 hawks perched on a billboard sign.  It felt like something was smacking me in the face saying, "Do you see us now?"  
Low-and-behold the second I typed, "I see hawks" into the search bar, answers started flying across my screen.
The hawk animal is a messenger.  These sightings represent a spiritual awakening.  Hawks soar high above the trees, but have keen eye sight to see even the smallest animal on the ground.  The message I am receiving has to do …

Judgement Free Zone

Oh the beautiful hurdles of life.  I'm learning to love them even if I don't agree with them.

I remember growing up it was hard for me to be friends with a girlfriend if she kept going back out with the same loser boyfriend.  She would come to me crying and seeking advice.  I would give her all the advice and support she needed. Then she would get back with him.  I felt slighted as a friend like she chose him over me, but that was not the case, she just couldn't help how she felt for him.
Today, I am completely over those childlike feelings.  My girlfriend and I have a saying we use often, "If you like it, I love it."  I absolutely love having a friend who's ultimate goal is to see me happy.  Don't get it twisted, we need to be frank sometimes, but we understand there is a time and a place for deliverance of the undesirable truth.  There are times when I specifically ask for the truth.  There were other times when she simply says, I just need your support…

Living with Expectancy

Wow!  This article was published in Metro Proponent January of this year.   5 Months later it's all coming into fruition-- every single thing I stated in this article.   Speak life and love into everything you do! There's power in words.

Big changes are upon the horizon.  2014 has a lot in store for us.  I am speaking it and believing this into existence.  I hope and pray you do the same.  
For me personally, I am ready to take a big leap of faith in hopes to finally walk into my purpose.  I don't want to chase money, beg for promotions, work holidays and continually sacrifice my peace and happiness for what other people think I should do.  When you really think about it, are you happy with where you are in your life?  If yes—that’s amazing!  If no, what’s holding you back?
These are the questions I've asked myself every single day this year.  Some days it brought tears to my eyes because my answer would always end with the same result- I have bills and need this check. …

Amazing Journey

What a wonderful journey; 10 years in media. I started in radio as an intern while in college and now I'm leaving as a weather forecaster/reporter for a television station.  Who would've thought?!
I am grateful for everything I've learned and every person I've met.  Some of it was super easy and fun, while other aspects to this business broke me down to my knees and left me in tears.  This business is not as glamorous and easy as some think. 
As I look back at this journey I realize how uncertain life can truly be. At first, I took the radio jobs because I thought it was super cool to get paid for partying.  Then God entered my heart and it became difficult to joke and party when I knew I was supposed to be leading by example.  I walked into this business as a young, wild, sassy, party girl.  I am walking out as a classy, yet edgy, talented, woman.  I got a chance to grow up in this business and thank goodness I finally did!
I am thankful for my time with WCCB.  The exp…