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I love Being a Woman

For such a long time I thought I was crazy because of my mood swings, emotional roller coaster rides and not being able to simply answer, “What it is I really want?!” Today I laughed at myself and just said, “I love being me, I love being a woman”. Instead of viewing these issues as negatives, these are truly life’s treasures wrapped up in each beautiful woman you see. This is the beauty in us and what makes us so irresistible. It’s up to us ladies to give a little samples of the uneasiness and not to overdo it because then YES I have to agree with the men, this can be annoying and very unattractive.

Here’s what happened to me today. Out of nowhere I felt a little emotional. Not emotional to where I was depressed and no there’s nothing in my life to be sad about. Yes, I want to cry, but no, not a cry my eyes out cry, but just a simple tear down the cheek listening to a touching song, watching an emotional movie cry. I just feel it in my body! I kind of chuckled at the thoug…