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Amazing Journey

What a wonderful journey; 10 years in media. I started in radio as an intern while in college and now I'm leaving as a weather forecaster/reporter for a television station.  Who would've thought?!
I am grateful for everything I've learned and every person I've met.  Some of it was super easy and fun, while other aspects to this business broke me down to my knees and left me in tears.  This business is not as glamorous and easy as some think. 
As I look back at this journey I realize how uncertain life can truly be. At first, I took the radio jobs because I thought it was super cool to get paid for partying.  Then God entered my heart and it became difficult to joke and party when I knew I was supposed to be leading by example.  I walked into this business as a young, wild, sassy, party girl.  I am walking out as a classy, yet edgy, talented, woman.  I got a chance to grow up in this business and thank goodness I finally did!
I am thankful for my time with WCCB.  The exp…