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Flower Bloom

I bought my first house a year ago and out of nowhere a list of never ending tasks seemed to erupt out of thin air.  One of the first things I wanted to do this summer was plant flowers in the front yard.  I couldn't wait!  I always envisioned this task being so relaxing and fun.  Almost like becoming one with nature or some crap.  Until I got my butt out there myself I realized it was a full day of sweat and hard work.  Boy was it difficult!  I even had to ask one of my girlfriends to help and even still, after hours of work we only got 6 flowers planted.  It was hot, there were inch worms crawling all over us.  I broke my new hand shovel and tore through a couple sets of gloves but thank goodness we finished.  The mulch was in, the flowers were pretty and the house finally looked polished.
Then the madness started-- the flowers started to die.  Oh hecks no! After all the money and time spent on these flowers I would not have it.  Not to mention all the years of dreaming about ha…