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I’ve never Felt so Alive

I have always been the girl who prays to God like this, “God, when you think I’m ready and the time is right will you point me to the man of my dreams”. Not that I ever felt urgency for finding a man, I enjoyed being what I call, “Super Single”. Well, the beginning of this year was different for me. I noticed my prayer request starting to change. It went a little something like this, “God, do you think I’m ready yet? I would really love for you to shine your light among the one who you deem as my Mr. Right”. I felt at this time God whispered to me that this year would be my year. I kept thinking God was referencing a new job or more income but then it hit me like a ton of bricks that what God was telling me was this year would be the year I would meet my match.

So, are you ready to hear how we met? Yes, how my new man and I met? Introduced by mutual friends I, Jacinda Garabito now find myself in love with a wonderful man. A man that is perfectly flawed with imperfections …