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I am Going to Haiti

I have decided to go on my first mission trip to Haiti. At first I was like,
What the heck did I get myself into. I have no income as it is and now I’m going to add on another stress of having to come up with $1,100.00. The worries do not stop there, I’m also apprehensive about leaving the US for an entire week and possibly missing out on major career opportunities.
If you can’t make ends meet as it is how in the world do you think you can go to Haiti? With these types of thoughts circulating in my mind, I found myself getting extremely overwhelmed.

One of the requirements to go on this mission trip is to take a Life Enrichment class at my church Nationsford. I attended the first class last night. Guess what? I have absolutely nothing to worry about. I was reassured that once you make the CHOICE to do God’s work he will see you through. In life there are many obstacles we face with a realistic approach, but God’s word is firm on stating the Holy Spirit will carry you ALW…