A Best Seller in 21 Minutes

Who knew that a jobless girl in 2014 would one day actually publish her first a book and become a Best-Seller.  When I left my full-time job to pursue my "calling," I had no idea I would actually find it.  I was scared, broke and curious all at the same time.  The only thing that was for certain in my life was that I wanted more and was not going to quit until I found it.

If you feel stuck and are craving new inspiration in your life, first purchase my book, "Uniquely Qualified."  This three year journey truly lays out the steps to understanding how qualified you already are.  For the time being, here are some points to consider as you take your leap of faith.

1. It Starts with You- You don't necessary have to leave your job or the relationship you're in right now.  I'm saying you need to quit your job to pursue your passion.  When you read Uniquely Qualified you will see that I strategically stayed in my current situations until I received the word to leave.  Nothing in life is a failure or a wasted moment.  All the good and bad circumstances in your life play a part to pointing you into the direction of your purpose. Consider it all joy! The choice to want more and need more starts internally.  Your uniqueness and passion will slowly lead you to your destiny.  Take notice of the signs. Sometimes they're small and obscure.

2.  It Takes Work- Here's where I'll lose about half of you.  Any millionaire can pave out their entire process to building a successful business, but hardly anyone will follow the instructions because let's face it, we don't want to work hard.  As much as we say we are not scared of working, many of us just do the necessary to get by.  How much TV do you watch?  This is a huge indication that you're not ready to put in work.  How many books do you read that feed you with the inspiration and teachings you need to fulfill you're destiny?  When everyone else is sleeping are you still working?  It was difficult writing in this non-existent book for so many years.  I would get home exhausted, with a long list of excuses as to why I shouldn't open my laptop to write, but I knew the book wasn't going to write itself.  The trick to making your dreams come true is simply doing the work.  So many hours, days and months lost as I crafted pages of lingering thoughts.  Your walk is going to take a lot of work.  It's not going to be easy.  You will probably want to quit at least 10,001 times.  You still down for this?

3. The Reward is Astonishing- When I heard the words, "You just became a Best-Seller in seven different categories" tears were flowing from my girlfriends' eyes.  I was overcome with joy and astonishment. Look at God!  There is no dream that is too big. With pure determination, follow-thru and perseverance you and will reach anything your heart desires.

I pray you too can experience the biggest dream you heart can craft. Life is meant to be lived.  Don't hold back.

With Love,


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